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Hi friends,

Now I am going to teach you simple technique of photoshop to create glassy button with simple parameters. I now that there are lots of way to create glassy button but this is simplest way to create it and impress your boss.

Lets start:

Step:1 Take New blank document 300 X 300 Pixels.And draw circle in it.


Step:2 Fill the color whatever you like most or your client like.


Step:3 Add layer and Draw the shape shown in the image below. Go to feather and put value 5 in the dialogue box.



Step:4 Fill white color linear gradient.And you will get the following result.


Step:5 Now write text in it give text color #02a4bc. For example I wrote Home in it, Select the text and select Create Warped Text option and set value as shown in image below.



step:6 Finally keep the text layer opacity 75%. And here you got the result yes you cant believe but you, yes you created it.


Enjoy, and keep visiting this blog i’ll teach you more tips and tricks of Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, CSS, Javascript etc.


Hotmail Co-founder Sabeer Bhatia said he looks toward cultural innovation in Gujarat and has plans to develop the state as the next Silicon Valley.

“We have got Letter of Intent (LoI) from Carneige Mellon University for setting up a Nano city that will have software development facility for niche sectors such as nano technology, bio-sciences and material sciences,” Bhatia said, during the inauguration of Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit which began on Monday.

“With world class infrastructure here and support of the Gujarat government, we can make the state as next Silicon Valley of India by setting up a Nano city here,” Bhatia said.

Sharing his experiences on emergence of silicon valley decades ago, Bhatia said the innovation at that time had led to phenomenal creation of value, and the model could be replicated here.

“Five decades ago Hewlett Packard created a small hub outside Standford that led to the birth of Silicon Valley, and in the last 10 years I have seen 1 trillion dollar of value being created because of cultural innovation,” he added.

“India has huge potential for it, with a population of 1.2 billion people we create around half-a-million engineers annually, but somehow they are not able to make to make it to top echelons in key innovative hubs, therefore we need a nano city,” Bhatia said.

The innovation can come through education and the Nano city will play a key role in software development for niche segments.

curtesy: Prashant Tejura (Yahoo Group:- Gujarat IT Moment)


Hi Friends,

Here I am giving you brief idea about benefits of tableless website designing

1 It’s help in easy maintainance.
2 It’s also help us to improve our google ranking.
3 when you are working for dynamic site like portal etc. , it is very helpful to create site in tableless manner.

Below is some links which gives you good idea about tableless web site building.