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Hire Me

I am free for freelance work recently i have completed my four running website designing projects.

below is the URLs of my work:

If you have any question regarding website designing, graphic designing, css, html, feel free to ask and also you can put offline message to me on chat box.

you can send your questions at following e-mail ID:


and also you can follow me on twitter



1 Response to "Hire Me"

Liked your tutorials. Can I hired you to teach me a few things, please. I’ve hired a web designer who took my money but never completed my job. Now I’m stuck with a deadline. I was so angry I taught myself how to make an opt-in page, viewing page and sales page in Photoshop. I like what I made, but I need to have it fine-tuned for the web. Need to learn how to insert raw java script for the opt-in box: name, email address. Then insert the code to play a video trailer about 2.5 minutes long. Make the pages compatible with top 5 internet browsers such as: IE, Safari, Firefox, etc. Don’t know how to do this in Photoshop. I’ll pay you to do it and teach me to do it, too. Can you please help me. I know this is a small job, but I have more projects coming. Work with me and give me a reasonable price that I can afford and I can bring you more business in the near future.


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