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Website Design Tips For Beginners

Posted on: May 7, 2009

Hmmm….. Wants to know the tips and tricks for good web design. Ok let’s get ready for the simple and easy way to create good website from scratch. Here I m going to teach you how to create website for your client with good and attractive color combination.

  1. For website designing arrange meeting with client and understand client’s requirement carefully as after all we have to satisfy him.
  2. Analyze his requirement and then draw a rough sketch, some of our friends are ignore this step but this step is very important and time saving as compare to directly jump to design with the help of softwares.
  3. Every company has it’s logo which is identity of that company from color to design, so here we Start from logo, for most comprehensive color combination pick up the colors from logo of your client’s company. It’s simple and easy way to select most suitable color combination in web design.
  4. Made two or three good color combination from logo colors with light and dark shades. Now start website layout designing, I prefer photoshop for designing layouts. As there are other softwares in the market such as indesign, fireworks, etc. but I like photoshop most.
  5. Make two or three option of sketch keeping in mind your client’s requirements. Make sure that all the points your client had suggest you is there in design or not? I am not saying you that you have to cover all the points but at least you should cover 80% to 90% of client’s requirement to increase client’s satisfaction rate.
  6. Now if all these things are ready then find appropriate images which match with your client’s business as images play vital role in web design so choose images carefully which will make your website eye catching.
  7. With proper selection of images as per clients business you also need to select fonts carefully for the website. As font selection is also important for good and creative website designing.
  8. Carefully create all the Graphics for layout with proper color combination and visual effects where necessary.
  9. Place every part of website with due care and give each part of website same importance, otherwise it’ll make the site imbalance.
  10. There are three important areas which need proper attention while creating and applying it to the website that is Website’s Images, Graphics, and Typography.

Besides above all the things you should also keep in mind that Website design become attractive and effective only it contains Easy Navigation, Neat and Clean Layout Design.

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[…] Flashtoons added an interesting post today on Website Design Tips For Beginners « web design | graphic design …Here’s a small readingBesides above all the things you should also keep in mind that Website design become attractive and effective only it contains Easy Navigation, Neat and Clean Layout Design. Tags: Web Design, Photoshop Tutorials, Graphic Designing, … […]

If you are running a business firm specially when engaged into a shopping business, it helps to have a website. This website promotes your business to the internet. Many people nowadays depend on online shopping for their own convenience so in this case, it helps to increase your sales if you will put up a purchasing online service.

All topics that mentioned there is really good tips for bignner and i also create first Website Design using this tips

All topics that mentioned there is really good tips for beginner and i also create first website siliconwebsolutions.in using this tips

Dear Hiren,

Good afternoon……….

Also i appreciate ur hardworks & it’s very useful for learing some thing new for upcoming generation in respected field,

this is a very good thing for sharing ur knowlenge to beginner who really need them for develop their career,

Great job……….Keep it guys……….

Manish Modi

Thanks for the tips, Carefully create all the Graphics for layout with proper color combination and visual effects where necessary. is most Important.

Такой информации, уверен, и так вполне достаточно, чтобы сделать вывод, как не надо делать.

Круто! Все очень толково и грамотно, и в то же время без излишних умствований и самолюбования, и на доступном языке. Редкий случай когда человек делится актуальной и полезной инфой. Спасибо автору!

English Translation (As Per Google Language Tool):
Cool! All very sensibly and competently, and at the same time without too much philosophising and narcissism, and in accessible language. Rare case when a person is divided into relevant and useful infoy. Thanks to author!

wonderful tips, that helped me alot, thanks.

I completely agree from the point 1 to 10 and i hope no one can disagree with this. We are a logo and graphics design company and i know how important to take care of the above mention points.

Some useful tips you shared with us for the website designing. Nice blog, i’ll keep following it in future.

I read your article such a informative and useful tips on it,thanks for sharing this.

This is quiet interesting and unique, i have never ever read this type of article before.

Appreciating the time and effort you put into your blog and comprehensive information you provide! I’ll bookmark your weblog and have my freinds check up here frequently. Thumbs up!

Enjoy ones site as its directly to the point but not technical. I’m keen on gadgets as well as anything tech connected thats the reason why i posted right here. are you carrying out some sort of up-date soon because I am engaged in your niche. I am going to return before long and even sign up to your blog. cheers.

Thanks for sharing, Really amazing and nice, I Really like it.

David Brown

Many thanks for write about really decent informations. Your web is superb, I am happy by the tips that you just have on this blog. It exhibits how nicely you realize this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will appear again for additional. You, my buddy, I identified just the important information I by now looked in all places and just couldn’t obtain. What a perfect web page. Similar to this web page your websites is 1 of my new most favorite.I similar to this info proven and it has provided me some sort of determination to have good results for some purpose, so continue to keep up the fine work!

There are some basic tips for beginner web designer before start designing. All basic designers should read blogs like these which will help them to improve their design abilities.

I must admit that today is my first time I visit here. However, I have found so many interesting thing in your blog and I really love that.

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