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Hi friends,

Lets once again learn something which really helpful in graphic design and web design. Here I am with some good stuff to teach you how to make vista like button whith the help of photoshop. It is very simple and you can make vista like button with 10 simple steps, here I guess that you have basic knowledge of ph0toshop and it’s tools. So lets start.

step1: Take new document with black background and 150 pixel width and 50 pixel height.


step2: Take a Rounded Ractangle Tool and draw shape shown in the image below after putting guide both the side.


step3: From select menu select Transform Selection and transform it as shown in below image after selecting Distort from Quad Menu.


step4: After applying transform to it fill #171717 color in it.


step5: Press Cltr+Click on layer and select the shape, Go to select > modify > contract. Put value 1 in the dialogue box open. Then after press alt+select and remove half of the selection as shown in below image.

step5a step5b

step6: Select linear gradient one side color of gradient is same as you fill in the shape i.e. # 171717, and another side gradient color is #6b6b6b, and fill this gradient carefully. Which gives you following output.


step7: Take text layer and write something here i wrote Home. Keep Font – Arial, Size – 12, Stye – Bold, Color – #8e8d8d, You can make your own specifications for text.


step8: Upto this, this is your normal button image, now i am going to show you how to make hover button image. For that make Duplicate layer of text and give it Outer Glow from blending optons and keep glow color is #0c8d91. You’ll get following result.


step9: Now make selection as shown in below first image.and then go to select > feather, set feather value 5. Which resulting image second.

step9a step9b

step10: Take linear gradient and set first color same as you fill in the shape i.e. #171717 and another color is as per your choice and as per your layout’s color combination, here i have used #0eb2b8 this color. now fill this gradient color carefully. Now press cltr+Click Main shape layer which shown selection of your main shape now from select menu click on the inverse and then press delete this remove unnecessary part of gradient which you just fill. This resulting in following output.


Here is your vista like button is ready.
Enjoy the miracle of photoshop. Keep visiting and commenting, which helps me to improve my blog.


Here are a few of the most constructive SEO Techniques.


  • Title tags should be written in a resourceful way. It should be formed with the main keyword targets as the basis. It is the most significant tag of a web site when it comes to optimization. The main keyword of the web site that is being optimized should be the one that is placed in the title tag. It goes without proverb that every site should contain its own title tag.
  • Carefully choose the words and phrases to be allocated to Alt tags. Alt tags are not in fact compulsory, but they are provided for text browsers because images do not get shown in web browsers, and it is the Alt tags that give information to the users about its meaning. The rule in Alt tags is quite easy: only key phrases or key words should be place in Alt tags, overdoing may reason a site to disappear in search results or get banned from it indefinitely.
  • Manage keyword density. Percentage occupied by keywords or keyword phrases in a web page is called keyword density. Preferably, keywords are used one time in the title tag, one time in the heading tag, and one time in bold text. Keywords should be placed at the top of the page, and phrases can be put in every paragraph, depending on how long the paragraph is.
  • Determine the suitable page size for the site. Speed is a very important part to the success of a site, and it significant to both online visitors and the search engines. It is suggested to limit web pages under 15K.
  • Make eye catching themes for the pages. Search engines are more and more receiving particular about themes. Content should be formed as often as likely, and the pages should be maintained to 200 to 500 words. The content should be made in relative to the market, and should be linked to the other associated content present on the site.
  • Make the site’s design interesting for the viewer. All efforts in optimization will be ineffective if the site is inadequately designed and if its contents are tough for viewers to read. There should be extra text content than HTML content in the web site. Viewers should be capable to use the pages in all main browsers. It should be noted that most search engines turn away from JavaScript and Flash.
  • Don’t Use bad techniques. Using them could catch a site blacklisted from the search engines. Spamming is a no-no, and the following techniques are spamming: doorway and identical pages, tiny or invisible text, cloaking, usage of keyword phrases in author tags etc.

Advertisers should put in mind that simplicity is the source of a successful SEO campaign. Sites should be simple for viewers to locate, follow, and read, and should contain relevant content.

Curtsy: http://www.seoforgoogle.com


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has announced the setting up of 14 new engineering colleges in the state to empower the youth by providing technical education.

Official sources said here today that Modi made the announcement here last evening after laying the foundation stone of a new engineering college campus to be built at a project cost of Rs 60 crores in Godhra Bypass Way.He said that 14 districts of the state would get one each of engineering college as more skilled workers will be required in the near future after the recently concluded spectacular success of Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, where the state bagged investment worth Rs 14 lakh crores. This would generate 25 lakh new employments.
He futher added that the state had 33 new Engineering Colleges and 40 new Polytechnics and decision has been taken to increase the engineering seats on Diploma/degree courses from the current 31,840 to 70,122 in the near future.Adding that the Summit ended with a note and indications of ”Bharatna Bhagya Vidhata” (Determinants of the Future of India), Modi expressed his earnest desire that the Centre should understand the spirit of the summit as development of Gujarat will lead to the country’s development.

Curtsy: Nilay Parikh (Yahoo Group – Gujarat_IT_Movement)


Hi friends,

Now I am going to teach you simple technique of photoshop to create glassy button with simple parameters. I now that there are lots of way to create glassy button but this is simplest way to create it and impress your boss.

Lets start:

Step:1 Take New blank document 300 X 300 Pixels.And draw circle in it.


Step:2 Fill the color whatever you like most or your client like.


Step:3 Add layer and Draw the shape shown in the image below. Go to feather and put value 5 in the dialogue box.



Step:4 Fill white color linear gradient.And you will get the following result.


Step:5 Now write text in it give text color #02a4bc. For example I wrote Home in it, Select the text and select Create Warped Text option and set value as shown in image below.



step:6 Finally keep the text layer opacity 75%. And here you got the result yes you cant believe but you, yes you created it.


Enjoy, and keep visiting this blog i’ll teach you more tips and tricks of Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, CSS, Javascript etc.


Hotmail Co-founder Sabeer Bhatia said he looks toward cultural innovation in Gujarat and has plans to develop the state as the next Silicon Valley.

“We have got Letter of Intent (LoI) from Carneige Mellon University for setting up a Nano city that will have software development facility for niche sectors such as nano technology, bio-sciences and material sciences,” Bhatia said, during the inauguration of Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit which began on Monday.

“With world class infrastructure here and support of the Gujarat government, we can make the state as next Silicon Valley of India by setting up a Nano city here,” Bhatia said.

Sharing his experiences on emergence of silicon valley decades ago, Bhatia said the innovation at that time had led to phenomenal creation of value, and the model could be replicated here.

“Five decades ago Hewlett Packard created a small hub outside Standford that led to the birth of Silicon Valley, and in the last 10 years I have seen 1 trillion dollar of value being created because of cultural innovation,” he added.

“India has huge potential for it, with a population of 1.2 billion people we create around half-a-million engineers annually, but somehow they are not able to make to make it to top echelons in key innovative hubs, therefore we need a nano city,” Bhatia said.

The innovation can come through education and the Nano city will play a key role in software development for niche segments.

curtesy: Prashant Tejura (Yahoo Group:- Gujarat IT Moment)


Hi Friends,

Here I am giving you brief idea about benefits of tableless website designing

1 It’s help in easy maintainance.
2 It’s also help us to improve our google ranking.
3 when you are working for dynamic site like portal etc. , it is very helpful to create site in tableless manner.

Below is some links which gives you good idea about tableless web site building.